Who we are and what we're doing

 Hi, our names are Amanda and Kenzie. We are high school students and recently started a class called Ag, or FFA. As some of you might know a big part of the grade in this class is dependent on an SAE project, or Supervised Agriculture Experience. We came up with an idea for this project that's really got us excited but we need some help to get started. We're going to try our hands at tack trading and selling but we need your help to get on our feet! We have very little money to get started so we are looking to you for help on either free or VERY cheap extra tack that you may have laying around. We know how to take care of and clean it all (we have horses) so we would be more than happy to take that old dirty tack off your hands! :) We understand that it may not be easy just giving things away but if you can help us out we would really, really appreciate you. We don't have much to offer in return but if you could use the help we're hard workers and would love to help around the barn (Mucking stalls, cleaning tack, cleaning up pasture, grooming ect). Thanks for your time, hope to hear from you. Feel free to email us with questions concerning our project. If you'd like to talk to our parents or Ag teachers I bet we can work something out!

You can contact us at skinnycrickettack@yahoo.com

What's with "Skinny Cricket"?

Years and years ago when I was a little girl my Great Grandpa was a big part of my life.  If you looked up the word 'horseman' in the dictionary you would see my Grandpa:)  He could work with horses like no other man could.  They responded to him like he was one of them.  He loved horses as much as anything.  Every time we went to visit he'd always give me a big ol smile and say "Come on over here skinny cricket" and I'd run over and climb in his lap.  Sadly my Grandpa passed away a few years back but he still lives in me through my love and involvement in horses.  We love you Grandpa George, see you soon.


Thanks to...

Tina for donating THREE english saddles and a blanket!


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